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Lol Whut [Anaimon]
If you have stumbled here due to domain updates, that cool. But they're all over at lastsolitude so don't ask to be my friend just for that. My profile says what fandoms I'm most obsessed with right now, and my interests show the others. This will also contain everyday life things, and rants. I don't like drama, so if your journal has drama I won't add you. Mine is 78% Drama Free meaning like every 20 posts or so I'll get all emo and woe is me, or complain. UH.... My graphics? If you want me to make you some I might consider it, especially if I know you. Because I have WAYYYYY too much free time on my hands.
For the Win! [Raimei]
So, I have to have a quick interlude for my KHR! First, Lambo. I was excited about his badassery in this chapter because I think somewhere inside of me, I'm still a Lambo fangirl and he really hasn't done anything in a while. MORE EXCITING WAS THE LAST TWO PAGES. WHAT HAPPENED THERE?! BUH!!! I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S GOOD OR BAD BUT I'M SO EXCITED THAT I CAN'T TURN MY CAPSLOCK OFF. YAMAMOTO MAY HAVE A ROLE IN THIS ARC YET!!!!!

That being said, I'd also like to see Byakuran as a good guy. It would work with the style of KHR! in my mind. After every arc the enemies end up helping out. I can't stress my excitement. I suppose part of it is because I like Byakuran's personality though.
For the Win! [Raimei]
So, if you didn't know, I'm a bit crazy. My inability to pick one couple for the OTP marathon is an example. I was 90% done my shrine when suddenly, I decided to pick a different topic. Now I'm 90% through that one and I can't decide if I want to finish it or if I like the first one better. So, maybe you guys can help. I'm not sure I want to tell what pairings I'm between because I like to be surprising like that.


     - Sexy Layout
     - Lesser Known Series
     - Less Content Overall
     - Possibly Better Written
     - MalexMale Pairing

     - Also lesser known series.
     - Someone has a fanlisting/mini-shrine to it
     - More Content
     - MalexFemale Pairing

So yeah. If you guys have any insight based on that, it would help a lot.
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